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Copyright 2.0

July 8th, 2009 makii Comments off

Everyone knows about the recent conviction of the Piratebay-crew. Even if we have to see whether, or how long, it will last. (You know, the probably biased judge…)

At least this trial might make some of us think about copyright and such things. There is a hudge discrepancy between what the crowd does and what the IP organizations want us to do. Once more I think Lawrence Lessig brings it to the point best:

In the analog times you had to buy book, a newspaper or a disk to gain access to the story or the song. So, making copies of books or songs was actually hard work back then. Nowadays, creating copies of digital content is easy peasy. In fact, everytime you view a digital content from the web, you actually get a copy.

Bug they will never understand…

Via Techdirt.

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