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iPhone comparison

September 29th, 2008 makii Comments off

Bloggingtom has an interesting comparison of the iPhone with another very useful device. This device, like the iPhone, is (or at least was) crucial to human survival. Some thousand years or so ago:

Stone vs. iPhone

So what would you buy… Do you really need a touch screen?

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The unlucky and the bird

September 14th, 2008 makii Comments off

Let’s hope we all don’t share his fate next week…


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Being late can has advantage!

September 8th, 2008 makii Comments off

Being late to a meeting usually is a downside. At least for the people who are waiting for a department meeting. Especially if it’s a rather large department. To avoid this instituded a being-late-hog:

The Hog

Everybody who’s even one second too late for a meeting has to feed it with € 0.50. In comparison to other companies that’s rather cheap, where this rate can get up to about € 5.00 per minute! And as we know, money accumulates over time:


Doing the annual statement of the account we’ve collected about € 62! That’s more than I expected. Much more even. The bright side is: this amount should suffice to have a nice barbecue with steak and sausage, and even some beer. On the downside of this: about 124 times someone was too late for a regular meeting, or didn’t turn up without prior excuse. In a years worth of department meetings, what is about houndred meetings, usually having two regular meetings per week.

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