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Being late can has advantage!

September 8th, 2008 makii

Being late to a meeting usually is a downside. At least for the people who are waiting for a department meeting. Especially if it’s a rather large department. To avoid this instituded a being-late-hog:

The Hog

Everybody who’s even one second too late for a meeting has to feed it with € 0.50. In comparison to other companies that’s rather cheap, where this rate can get up to about € 5.00 per minute! And as we know, money accumulates over time:


Doing the annual statement of the account we’ve collected about € 62! That’s more than I expected. Much more even. The bright side is: this amount should suffice to have a nice barbecue with steak and sausage, and even some beer. On the downside of this: about 124 times someone was too late for a regular meeting, or didn’t turn up without prior excuse. In a years worth of department meetings, what is about houndred meetings, usually having two regular meetings per week.

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