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Browser Compatibility Fail

September 12th, 2009 makii

I’m known to be a big fan of last.fm. Though I’m no subscriber I found a lot of new bands I did not know before.

The more interested I was when I found out about steereo.de, a new and somewhat similar service comming from germany. They, integrated a nice player bar at the bottom of their page, and over all it’s a pretty funky page. Not, as tidy as last.fm, but it will work.

The most interesting part of this all is: They didn’t want to let me on their page. I think I use a pretty recent browser for my day-to-day portion of web surfing, but not as new as they want me to:

Steereo JS Browser compatibility check.

As it seems, they just support recent versions IE + FF, but no Safari. I thought we’ve passed this to implement major browser-dependend tweaks in our pages. As it seems I was wrong.

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