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June 9th, 2009 makii

Recently I found the pretty cool package logstalgia on Debian Times. It is a nice way to visualize access logs of your favorite http daemon as a pong game, every bullet being a single request, listed by client. You can also get into pause mode and view details to the single requests. But see for yourself:

Awesome, somehow. Isn’t it?

Now, Facebook went one step further by displaying all activities in the facebook network on a globe, distinguishing events by colors, and stuff. The project is named Palantir, like the crystal ball from LOTR which Saruman used as means of communication with Sauron. See the demo video. Most astonishing: Palantir is implemented using JavaME!

This all looks pretty neat. Facebook users mentioned that Google has something similar to visualize searches for years, and even my old employer CortalConsors visualized all trades with volume and location in the lobby for about 2-3 years! But still, the Facebook Palantir awesome!

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