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Neil Gafter in Cologne

March 7th, 2008 makii

For everybody who doesn’t know yet: This monday Dr. Neil Gafter visits the JUGCologne and gives a talk about JDK 7 language features and Closures.

Surely he wants promote his BGGA closures proposal, which I personally don’t like this much. Function types is a powerful tool, and Java already has a weak kind of function types, namely inner anonymous classes. Of course they are quite inflexible in comparison to the function types suggested, but anyway, they are pretty unreadable, really.

Voices on weblogs.java.net rise and defend Dr. Gafters’ proposal by telling “we have IDEs which support syntax highlighting”, but hey what kind of argument is that, when my  boss tells me  he will, from time to time, check my code using a plain editor, as he doesn’t want to install eclipse and frankly, really has no need to. It pretty often gets mixed up when using generics.

We’ll see what he tells us next monday.

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